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Gauteng Health has put plans in place reduce adverse events in hospitals

2017/01/23 Rofhiwa Marubini-Tshitahe

‚ÄčThe Gauteng Department of Health has put plans in place to minimise Serious Adverse Events (SAE) in hospitals in the province. The SAE plan involves amongst other allegations of negligence, human errors, abscondment of patients and system challenges.

To curb these events, hospitals in the province will be expected to conduct continuous risk assessments and clinical audits at least once a month.
Hospitals will have to monitor and evaluate clinical practice through assessments using the National Core Standards and ongoing reviews of the midwifery practice standards.

In each SAE case, progressive discipline such as verbal or written warnings, suspension with or without pay and dismissal will be instituted.
In other instances, cases will be referred to statutory bodies such as the South African Nursing Council and Health Professions Council of South Africa.
Departmental Spokesperson Steve Mabona said “We wish to assure the public that SAEs does not necessarily make a hospital safe or dangerous and people should continue to visit public health facilities and expect quality service,”