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Gauteng Health issued 133 licenses of compliance to Mental Health NGO

The Gauteng Department of Health has issued 133 licences for the new financial year 2018/219, to Mental Health NGOs who comply with the requirements of safe patient care and sound financial management. 

Based on the lessons learnt from the Life Esidemeni tragedy, the Gauteng Department of Health had to take extraordinary measures to increase the number of audits to NGOs in the interest of good quality health care.  This was also in line with the regulations of the Mental Health Care Act number 17 of 2002 which dictates that NGOs be audited at least once per annum.

In compliance with the Act, both announced and unannounced visits have been conducted to NGOs in order to monitor and support the quality of care to the Mental Care users.

“I am quite happy that the Department has untaken this meticulous excises with vigour to ensure that the licensing process is flawless. The safety and care of mental health users remains key to us”, said Professor Mkhululi Lukhele – the acting Head of Department.

In conformity with new regulations on the licensing of NGOs issued by the National Minister of Health in March, the Department has begun the planning process to workshop NGOs to understand and implement the new regulations.

The Gauteng Department of Health would also like to take this opportunity to dispel the allegations of delays in the payment of subsidies. There is no truth in this, and there are no recorded incidents / complaints about the delay / non-payment of subsidies to the NGOs.