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Gauteng strengthens its economic bilateral cooperation with Germany

Rofhiwa Marubini-Tshitahe

Gauteng Premier David Makhura announced that there are strong economic and industrial links that connect the State of Lower Saxony in Germany which needs to be strengthened as part of bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

Makhura was meeting with a German delegation led by the Premier of the State of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil in Parktown on Friday morning to strengthen relations between the two regions. 

Makhura said Germany was South Africa’s most important trading partner and had performed remarkably, globally and in South Africa.

He noted that 67% of goods exported to Germany are manufactured in Gauteng. Gauteng’s major exports to Germany include cars, minerals and chemicals while South Africa imports machinery, plastic and rubber from Germany.

“We want to partner with the State of Lower Saxony to build a sustainable value chain.  “We have investments in the automotive sector and green economy but we see more opportunities for both growth and learning,” said Makhura. 

Makhura further pointed out that training and education was the basis for economic growth, which was needed to develop the province.

His German counterpart, the Premier Weil echoed Makhura’s sentiments and said the German vocational training system is one of the best models of transitioning young people from school into the economy.

“Germany is doing well economically because we have ensured that we provide quality education not only in schools but in preparing young professionals for the world of work,” said Weil.

Weil added that there were strong economic and industrial links that connected the State of Lower Saxony and Gauteng. 

“We are looking to deepened these as part of our bilateral cooperation between the two regions,” he said.