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More women assisted in health care facilities

2017/08/15 Charmaine Kgopa

The Department has been able to assist 12 494 women, in terms of screening services for cervical cancer.

‚ÄčThe Gauteng Department of Health says conducting a legal audit in a bid to address disputes has yielded positive results. The provincial department also says that the mediation process should be the first step for anyone who is not happy with the health system. 

This comes after the Department of Health visited the Rahima Mossa Mother and Child Hospital on Sunday 13 August as part of its annual drive to attend to health facilities in the province. MEC for Health, Dr. Gwen Ramokgopa said that there has been significant progress in screening for chronic diseases amongst women aged between 30 years and older. 

In spite of the negligence reported by the department, which resulted in the high medical bills. The Department has been able to assist 12 494 women, in terms of screening services for cervical cancer. There was also an improvement in the attendance of Antenatal Care before 20 weeks of gestation. The Department also displayed that there was decrease in the number of women who die during child birth.

“We also provided preventative and curative services were also provided to HIV and TB infected patients. To date 3,072,634 clients of the planned 3 592 943 patients were tested for HIV. To bolster prevention efforts, 196 062 536 of the 210 960 933 planned male condoms were distributed including 6,888,638 of the 4 600 000 planned female condoms” said MEC Dr Ramokgopa. 

Measures such as Mother and Baby Friendly accreditation for additional institutions, tallied up to 53 facilities involved in increasing child survival rates. 

“These facilities assist mothers to breast feed (which contributes to good nutrition and infant survival) and educate them about the advantages of breastfeeding. All Primary Health care Centres implement Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses, an approach advocated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the early detection and effective treatment of common health problems among pre-school children” said MEC Gwen Ramokgopa. 

The safety of patients has been a top priority as the department has an integrated quality assurance program and system in place to monitor patient safety incident. Even though the cost of medical, legal processes have a financial risk to enable to Health Care System and state’s ability to ensure access to health care as a basic right. The Rahima Mossa Mother and Child Hospital currently has 43 obstetrics ambulances which will be increased to 63 ambulances in this financial year. In line with the ‘empower a girl child to lead campaign’ the Gauteng Provincial Government is work hard to address the challenges faced by girl children in communities. Hence the department is involved in this campaign to reduce teenage pregnancies, which contributes significantly towards maternal deaths. 

The Department of Health reported that over R37 billion was spent nationally in medical claims, with Gauteng reflecting the second most affected with over R13. 8 billion in claims. 

“Medical litigation both in public and private sectors are mainly around maternal, neonatal and surgical health care areas. As part of our commitment to mitigate and manage medico legal litigations, we have put comprehensive measures in place to address the four key areas namely, Patient Safety, Administration, Legal and Future Options.  The department is currently facing a substantial number of claims brought on behalf of children with cerebral palsy, who also suffer myriad of other ailments and complications” said MEC Ramokgopa.