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Premier recognizes social transformation and economic excellence at awards

2017/02/28 Staff Writer

​Individuals and organisation who have contributed to improving the lives of the people of Gauteng have been recognized for their efforts at the Premier’s Service Excellence award held earlier this evening at Gallagher estate.

The annual event is an opportunity for the Premier to recognise contributions made by public servants, business, Non-Governmental Organisations and the civil society in improving the socio-economic growth and transformation of Gauteng.

Deserving public servants and members of the public were recognised in the following categories:

The Social Transformation category recognizes those who positively contribute towards building cohesive and sustainable communities and was awarded to the following recipients in the following sub categories

Health Care and Social Transformation
The Dignity Packs Project from the Gauteng Department of Social Development received the Gold trophy in this category.
The Dignity Pack Project is a poverty alleviation program linked to the Bana Pele integrated single window project which is aimed at addressing the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children.
In line with a national call to provide sanitary towels to impoverished women, the Gauteng Department of Social Development broadened the scope of their project to include provision of sanitary towels to school going girls to ensure that a day of schooling would not be missed due to young ladies not being able to cope with sanitary needs.
The pack further included critical toiletries required by vulnerable girl children in school. Two women-led cooperatives were established, empowering 90 young women and People with Disabilities to package and supply the Department with dignity packs for distribution to schools.
Education and Skills Development
The Tshwane Regional Training Centre received the Gold award in this category
Situated in Tshwane, the Regional Training Centre was identified by the Department of Health to be
used as a skills development centre. The Regional Training Centre is aimed at building the skills and
competencies of all health workers to enable the rendering of high quality health care services and
to respond to the emerging burden of disease. The centre is currently accredited as a service provider
to offer the Health Promotion Certificate for Community Health Care Workers by the Quality Council
for Trades and Occupation.
Sport, Recreation, Arts & Culture
Dive Master Challenge – Mzansi Scuba Diving Academy received the Gold award in this category.
The Dive Master Challenge aims to make a contribution to changing the lives of our unemployed youth by providing them with training in underwater sports, specifically focusing on scuba diving. The project responds to the challenges of unemployment, poverty and skills development of youth. Training as a sports diver becomes a catalyst to helping students find employment in various organisations that require the services of divers. Most of the learners find employment as commercial divers in the Maritime Industry, life guards in coastal areas, municipal swimming pools, aquariums such as Ushaka Marine World and organisations like Diver Tourism.
Building Safe Communities
Akunamlilo Fire Fighters received the gold award in this category
Akunamlilo Fire Fighters (AFF) is an organisation designed to stop the spread of shack fires. Akunamlilo Fire Fighters provides shack dwellers with fire extinguishers and trains them on how to respondto fires. In South Africa, there is a common pattern of shack dwellers next to airports, estates andindustries as dwellers are able to then access places of employment easily. When these fires occur,work in these organisations slows down due to employee absenteeism. AFF therefore seeks fundingfrom these places of employment to fund the acquisition and distribution of the fire extinguishers so that work is not disrupted.
Economic Growth

The Economic Growth category recognizes projects or initiatives that made an exceptional contribution in improving the livelihood of communities and wider nation building. They will be recognised for playing a role in introducing innovative economic activities aimed at growing the economy through job creation,and collaborations which resulted in development, transformation and general improvement in living standards. Nominees must demonstrate profound and radical change that has taken place as a result of their contribution. The Economic Growth awards were awarded to the following recipients in the following sub categories

Inclusive Economy Award
Bizcre8 – Sophiatown: The Mix received the gold award in this category
Sophiatown:The Mix, situated in the historic suburb of Sophiatown, is the social enterprise arm of the registered non-profit Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre. The BizCre8 programme of Sophiatown:The Mix is focused on developing the next generation of youth owned green economy focussed businesses.
BizCre8 is funded by the Green Fund, an initiative of the Department of Environmental Affairs and managed by the Development Bank of Southern Africa. Bizcre8 seeks to assist in moving the Gauteng economy onto a low-carbon, environmentally sustainable trajectory while also addressing the problems of youth unemployment and boosting economic growth through the creation of new businesses.
Public Private Partnerships Award
GDED and PICK N PAY Spaza Initiative – Gauteng Department of Economic
Development received the Gold award in this category.
The Gauteng Department of Economic Development (GDED) supported by Pick ‘n Pay is driving the programme to revive the economy in the major townships around Gauteng. Pick ‘n Pay franchise operation has been a strong base for many years developing new entrepreneurs and building new business leaders, including young black entrepreneurs, in managing the revitalised stores, the selected beneficiaries will also benefit from tailored business mentoring and advice from Pick ‘n Pay franchisee.

The latest partnership with Pick ‘n Pay is about revitalising township economies assisting SMMEs and building new business leaders.