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Walk-in centre to fast-track service delivery

2017/05/17 Thembisa Shologu

‚ÄčIn its efforts to fast-track and modernize service delivery, the Department of Economic Development (GDED) has officially launched the Walk-in Centre which will be a one-stop-shop for citizens needing to access services from the Department .

At the opening in Johannesburg, MEC Lebogang Maile said the center will solve day-to-day problems communities face including challenges experienced when accessing information and inefficiency. He added that going from pillar to post will no longer be part and parcel of dealing with government instead people will be assisted in one place.

The centre offers a wide range of services including liquor license applications, Small, Medium and micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs), and cooperatives financial and non-financial support, household food security and consumer related services and environmental management.

“As the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG) we are committed to making sure information is easily accessible. This is just the beginning; we want to expand these services so that they are not just limited to the Economic Development.

“People should be able to walk into this facility and get all government services irrespective of the department. People should be able to walk into this facility and access all government services irrespective of which department would typically deal with their request – a no wrong door policy,” MEC Maile said.

Maile said in the next three to four months the Department will be able to extend and work with other government departments.


“We will invite the Departments and those who are ready can come and join us. The idea is to ensure that every government building in the province becomes the centre of information. We should not have government services isolated from other government institutions,” said MEC Maile.

“Today is a demonstration of our commitment to doing away with red-tape, a commitment of ensuring that we easily,   speedily, efficiently and quickly resolve problems our people are faced with.

“We are cutting red-tape and already we have started dealing with challenges facing businesses who are doing business with government for instance we are now paying service providers in 15 days,” he said.

After assessing the state of the Centre’s readiness, MEC Maile was convinced that the Walk-in-Centre has sufficient resources and will be able to handle the inflow. The initiative is part of the Ntirhisano outreach programme