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Gauteng Mid-Term Report

This summary of the Gauteng Provincial Government’s Midterm Report reflects the progress made over the past two and half years of our administration and the challenges we face in delivering on our commitment to transform, modernise and reindustrialise the Gauteng City- Region. It is an instrument through which we account to the people of Gauteng on our work since assuming office in 2014, and provides a reliable basis upon which we are able to identify gaps and anchor future interventions to build a province we can all be proud to call home. Despite major challenges across society and specifically in areas such as the economy, job creation and crime prevention, evidence exists that things are working better in Gauteng. There is, therefore, reason to be optimistic about the future and the goal of a transformed, modernised and reindustrialised Gauteng City-Region is within reach. 

We have intensified our engagements with key priority-sector industry leaders of the Gauteng economy, including the automotive and components, machinery and capital equipment, business process outsourcing, aerospace and defence, food and beverages and ICT sectors. Through these engagements we are addressing the impediments to growth in these sectors so as to unlock their potential for employment creation and empowerment. We are investing massively in infrastructure development, focusing on public roads and transport, mega human settlements, energy, water and sanitation, which is making a direct impact on growing the economy, job creation and advancing empowerment. We are using our significant procurement budget to achieve our goal of increasing substantially the number of Black people, women, youth and persons with disabilities that participate in the economy. Gauteng is a pioneer in the mainstreaming of the township economy and gradually we are succeeding in turning our townships into vibrant and sustainable new nodes of economic activity.

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