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Admission backlog at Gauteng schools reduced

2017/02/09 Gopolang Leepile

The Gauteng Department of Education has announced that it has substantially reduced the number of unplaced learners who applied online to 377 and that they will be placed by the end of this week.

In the past three weeks, the department had over 7 092 learners who applied using the online registration and were not yet placed. 

The department has also announced that of all the 19 536 new applications they received in January, through walk-ins at admissions centres across the province, only 3 879 of those learners have not been placed as they worked hard to place over 15 657 of them.

The department’s spokesperson, Oupa Bodibe said that the department was satisfied with the progress they have made so far.
“We believe that we have fulfilled the promise to find spaces for the learners and more effort will be directed to placing all the unplaced learners,” Bodibe said.

The department had initially processed 331 625 applications for the 2017 academic year, and over 327 369 learners have been placed so far. 

Meanwhile, the Gauteng Education has also apologised for the delay in the payment of exam markers in the province. 

The department said that they have processed the payment of the balance owed to the exam markers, following the approval for the provincial Treasury and anticipate that the balance owed will be payed to the markers in the coming five working days.

“We apologise for the delay of the payment of the markers, as they provide essential service that enables the department to mark exam papers in order to issue results on time,” Bodibe added.