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Big plans to boost local economy

17/03/28 Thembisa Shologu

​City of Ekurhuleni has plans to create no less than 35 000 work opportunities per annum in its resolve to stimulate the township economy.

Delivering his State of the City Address (SoCA) on Wednesday, Mayor Masina said the City has ring-fenced over R12 billion of procurement opportunities to local entrepreneurs, service providers and enterprises during this term of office through the Mintirhisano programme. 
“Out of the R12 billion, we resolve to specifically make commitments not less than R1 billion per annum to 500 youth owned enterprises,R500 million per annum on 100 emerging construction companies and more than 500 million black industrialists.  

“We will use the remaining R10 billion for general strategic procurement from black business and community enterprise as part of our policy of transforming economic participation,” said Masina.
Under the theme, “The City and the State of its people”, the City has established a Land Invasion unit for the prevention and enforcement of illegal land invasion, to address the invasion of RDP houses and the scourge of all illegal connections. 

“We as the city are also working to upgrade the special profile of the informal settlements that house about 164 000 households. We will give people all municipal land that was classified as ‘illegally occupied’ by people in informal settlements,” he said.
R88 billion has been invested in the Quantum Leap project which aims to increase security of water supply by generating an additional 635 mega litres of water.

“We are working on building 45 more pump stations for both water and sewage in the next five years. This remains a challenge given that we are fast depleting the most important resource, water,” explained the Mayor.
The Municipality will construct and install a 9m bronze statue as a fitting tribute and recognition of the great struggle icon at the OR Tambo International Airport in October 2017.

“We will develop the OR Tambo Narrative Centre precinct which will include the establishment of the OR Tambo library or knowledge centre. The narrative centre will give us access to an array of documents not previously available in South Africa and housed in the Soncini archive in Panizzi Library dealing with OR Tambo and the Liberation struggle in the Southern Africa,” Masina.