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Gauteng government will continue to deliver

2017/05/23 Staff Writer

‚ÄčOver the next two years to 2019 government will focus on ensuring radical economic transformation, modernisation and reindustrialisation. Government will work together with citizens, businesses, civil society stakeholders, municipalities and public servants to build an inclusive economy, safe and cohesive communities and good infrastructure .

Top of the list for the Gauteng government is  continuing to engage directly with business leaders to unlock the employment and empowerment potential of key sectors in the  Province.

“Together with our partners we will work towards a target of 400 000 jobs; We will increase the number of jobs created in the manufacturing and services sectors and but especially township based enterprises,” Gauteng Premier David Makhura said.

 The Tshepo 1 Million programme focusing on creating opportunities for young people to enter the labour market and access skills and entrepreneurial development will be expanded.

“Working with various partners in the private sector, we are confident that we will reach the new target of empowering one million young people by 2019,” Makhura said.

In addition an infrastructure investment programme worth over R42 billion will be rolled out over the next three years creating 100 000 direct jobs;

During the current term of office Gauteng motorists will have the benefit of 9 strategic new roads to reduce congestion and improve linkages between various economic nodes and development corridors.
Road maintenance will be improved through 90% of Daily Road inspections and 100% of potholes repaired within 72 hrs and more than 250 km of road network 
With regards to E-learning infrastructure an additional 3300 Grade 11-12 classrooms will become E-learning classrooms .

In addition the province will aim to increase the matric pass rate to 90%.
Gauteng Premier David Makhura outlined the Province’s plans for the remaining term of office following the release of the Gauteng Mid Term Report.

The Report outlines government’s successes and challenges during the first 30 months in office.

“For the remaining months in office we will focus on delivery and accountability.” Gauteng Premier Makhura said.