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Improved roads visual condition index in Gauteng

2017/05/15 Nozipho Dlamini

​​Gauteng MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi has announced that according to the roads Visual Condition Index (VCI) undertaken in 2015/16, the overall condition of the provincial road network has improved.

MEC Vadi said that the overall condition of the Provincial Paved Network is at 71%, which according to the categories adopted by the department and the rest of South Africa, shows that it is ‘Good’ (71-85%).
The index is grouped into five condition categories used to describe conditions of the road network, which are Very Good (86- 100%), Good (71- 85%), Fair (51-70%), Poor (36%- 50%) and Very Poor (0- 35%).

“The index inspection indicated that 30% of the provincial road network is in very good condition, while 26 % in a good condition, 34 % in a fair condition and 1 % in a very poor condition at the bottom end of the fair category,” said MEC Vadi.
He added that the index for unpaved, gravel roads showed that 66% is in a fair condition and 33% in poor condition, and only 1% is in a good condition. 
“It is a matter of concern that the overall average for gravel roads points that a less than satisfactory gravel road network,” MEC Vadi said.

Furthermore, MEC Vadi said that the road visual index, which is periodically undertaken by the department, enables prioritisation of construction and resurfacing of road surfaces in the province.