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MEC Vadi welcomes testing centre arrests

2017/01/11 Gopolang Leepile
​Gauteng MEC for Transport Ismail Vadi has welcomed the arrests of seven officials by the Hawks.
The officials were arrested after allegations of fraud and corruption at both Sandton Driver Testing Centre and Martindale Bulk Licensing department, in Johannesburg.
MEC Vadi said that he and the provincial government are in full support of the on-going investigations of alleged corruption activities of a further 106 officials across Johannesburg.
“We will work closely with the city’s leadership in breaking criminal syndicates linked to these centres.”
“Any action aimed at combating corruption is in the public interest and will be supported by the provincial department of roads and transport,” said MEC Vadi.
He emphasised that corrupt practices initiated through criminal syndicates at driving schools and the bribing of examiners at testing stations is a matter of serious concern.
MEC Vadi said he also spoke to Michael Sun, member of municipal council in the City of Joburg, pledging his support for the on-going investigations.
Driving testing centres have been identified as critical areas for intervention in several surveys on public perceptions of corruption at government service delivery sites.