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Ntirhisano Community Outreach Programme returns to Tshwane

2017/05/25 Staff Writer

​Premier David Makhura together with Members of the Executive Council (MECs) visited  Hammanskraal in Tshwane as part of the Ntirhisano Community Outreach Programme. Premier Makhura is returning to the community following an earlier visit in February 2016.

The programme commenced with site visits to assess housing construction progress and then moved to the Hammanskraal Water Project and also a  service delivery assessment at Temba Police Station and Jubilee Hospital. 
Premier Makhura also officially opened the newly upgraded Temba Driver License Testing Centre (DLTC).

A public meeting will also be held to engage with residents on service delivery and provide feedback on progress being made. 
The Ntirhisano Outreach programme provides a platform for government in the Gauteng City Region to assess service delivery and engage with residents to help them resolve their challenges.

While visiting the Temba Police Sttation Premier Makhura said “We need specialized units where there are high rates of specific crimes such as gender-based violence.”