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Premier Makhura to fast-track infrastructure delivery

Thembisa Shologu

Premier David Makhura says government will speed-up the delivery of new infrastructure and pay attention to the maintenance of existing infrastructure across the Gauteng City Region.  

Addressing the State of the Provincial Address (SoPA) on Monday at the Gauteng Provincial Legislature Makhura said since 2014, together with the private sector, Gauteng has invested more than R40 billion in building and maintaining infrastructure such as building and upgrading schools, early childhood development centres, recreational facilities, libraries, clinics, hospitals, houses, roads and public transport, broadband, township industrial parks and Agri-hubs.

“Our infrastructure investment projects have also contributed in creating and maintaining close to 100 000 jobs and in growing businesses, especially those owned by black people, women, youth and people with disabilities.

“According to the Quality of Life Survey released by the Gauteng City Region Observatory in 2016, the quality of infrastructure in Gauteng has received the highest rating in the citizen’s satisfaction survey,” said Makhura.

Meanwhile, Makhura said one of the unacceptable practices in the provincial government departments and municipalities was the underspending on allocated infrastructure budgets, the terrible consequence of which is to forfeit the money back to the National Treasury.

“This is a grave injustice for which there shall be consequences,” he said.

In addition, over the years government has urged communities not to burn or damage public infrastructure meant to improve their general living conditions during service delivery protest as such incidents take the country backwards.

It also makes it difficult for government to rebuild immediately resulting in communities being seriously disadvantaged for many years to come.