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Gauteng government to spend R10 billion in Rama City project

The Gauteng Department of Human Settlements will spend R10 billion in Rama City Mega project in the City of Tshwane.

The Rama City project was launched by the Gauteng Premier David Makhura, MEC Nandi Mayathula Khoza and Tshwane MMC for Human Settlements Mandla Nkomo earlier today.

The development project is expected to address the housing challenges that are facing this community since they got back their land through land restitution process.

Makhura said government is redesigning the apartheid spatial planning and ensuring that people work closer to where they stay and play.

“We have changed the approach and moved away from building small sporadic developments across the province to Mega Cities. It is for this reason that we build mega projects that will yield not less than 10 000 units per project” said Makhura.

Rama City project will yield 17 772 houses upon completion which will include mixed housing typologies like Finance Linked Individual Subsidy Programme (FLISP), bonded houses, rental stock and RDP.

He said Rama City development will create 6000 job opportunities for the community and small businesses should benefit through sub-contracting. Makhura said better life is not for people of other townships alone, but Rama City should also enjoy the fruits of democracy like any other South African.

“Rama City will have seven primary schools, four secondary schools, shopping centre, clinic, hospital, 14 parks library, early childhood development and community centre. The development of these amenities should bring needed relief to local small businesses as we strengthen township economy. This should happen in the next 10 years as we roll out the project” said Makhura.

The Premier congratulated the community of Rama City, he said many communities were given their land back through restitution land process, instead of developing the land they opted to sell it and not benefit the community meaningfully.

"Everyone in Rama City must enjoy the benefits of this project. This land must work for this community. No one should be given an RDP in this land and sell it to settle in informal settlement. If people do that we will never reach our target of eliminating housing backlog in Gauteng” said the Premier.

MEC Nandi Mayathula Khoza who was representing MEC Mashatile, said that this project will bring relief to the lives of people who have been waiting on the list since 1996.

“I have heard old people complaining that I applied in 1996, when is my house coming. That is why government is building mega cities to address these challenges faced by our people” said Mayathula Khoza.

Nkomo said that people should not fall for criminals who sell the government land for R15 000 and when they are supposed to occupy the land, it is not available and they expect me to intervene.

“I will not intervene because you do not want to follow the right process. These people are here to crook you and you fall for it” said Nkomo.


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